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It is quite true what they say, that you will always want to come back, once you fall in love with her. It is a destination worth visiting all year round, this has been taken care of “mother nature” throughout the year,making each calendar season  unique.


The island’s trademark is beyond any doubt, the whitewashed painted of classic cubes draped by bougainvillea and jasmine flowers, the cobbled streets, the multiple churches will give you a ride you will never forget, especially the rides towards the sun-set.One of the island’s must is to visit the white churches with  the traditional Cycladic architecture and monasteries of the island, many of them are clinged on hilltops offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the island.

The island offers a great variety of enchanting golden sandy beaches , with shallow crystal clear waters, far away from the hubbub of the cosmopolitan beaches, offering you relaxation and serenity. On the other hand Sifnos has several cosmopolitan beaches which are worth visiting especially if one demands some action.

In Sifnos you will find many restaurants with traditional recipies where you will try different  exquisite & gourmet tastes. It is not a coincidence that the island is reputed for its excellent food as Nikolaos Tselementes comes from here. His name has been synonymous with Greek food.In 1910, he brought the first innovation in greek cuisine. He wrote the first Greek Cookbook, which became every housewife’s cooking bible for over sixty years.


Sifnos also holds a leading role in nightlife, considered to be  one of the best in Europe. There are many places one could choose from, like restaurants, traditional tavernas, fish-houses, picturesque cafeterias, and bars, almost in all settlements.
Peaceful, with rare beauty, spellbinding view and welcoming , Sifnos offers a unique natural harmony which acts as a vivid backdrop to the scenario of a perfect holiday for every type of visitor.